Still making it work!!

by Colin Cummins

Video Conferencing is as big as Playstation

Zoom training and meetings have become the new norm. Trying to keep the hope and engaging our player in this unprecedented time. 

While we await the word from our governments. The show must continue. But this time its in backyards, garages and basements. Trying to keep our players ready for the call to play is now, more important than ever. Video conferencing has become as important as PlayStation. Making sure that our players are keeping their minds right, getting in their swings, working on their pitching mechanics and so on. 

This is also a true test for our players. We will see who really wants this game,  who loves this game and who is willing to find 30 to 60 mins to prepare themselves. A test on the coaches on preparation, planning and development. Video group training is working.

I love this game, I love teaching it and I love playing it still. But even more than that I love watching what the baseball gods have presented to us, just to see who is willing to pay it forward for themselves and for others. To hear the words "Play Ball" again, will be like a Christmas with tonnes of present. 

Keep Zooming! Keep learning and teaching...just don't stop!

be Safe, work hard and be ready!!