Split Day: Opening Day for the Giants

by Colin Cummins

Opening Day!!

Well...it finally came, Opening Day!! With all 5 teams in action. Giants nation was out in full force. 

Here's a rundown of the day. 

10u Giants won both of their games against the Bullettproof Prospects. 16 - 6 and 14 - 6

11u Giants won their games against the Upper Canada Rebellion.  18 - 0 and 25 - 1

12u Giants loss their doubleheader to the Tri City Giants 8 - 1 and 11 - 4

14u Giants loss their battle with the Central Reds,  up in Barrie.  12 - 4 and 4 - 3

18u Giants split the opening games with the Tri City Giants.  10 - 0 loss and a 10 - 2 win 

Reports from the coaching staff was positive and a great learning day. Players putting their skills to work and the coaches trying to figure out the best matchups to use. We earned a split on the day and we will take it. 

Tomorrow May 6th. Both the 10u and 18u Giants take on the Bulletproof Prospects in Niagara.