Six 14u Ontario Giants are heading south to participate in Game Day All Star Events

by Colin Cummins

14u Players heading south this weekend to participate in All Star Tournaments

Simon Jardine, Mac Robertson, Derian Lawrence, Luke Kirkey,  Ricardo Lora Jr and Ben Goodwin were chosen MVP at various Game Day Tournament games during the summer. Now,  they will represent themselves,  the Ontario Giants and an All Star team from different states. 

Simon, Mac, Derian and Ben head to Ann Arbour, Michigan to their respective tournament. While Ricardo heads to Milwaukee to his tournament and Luke is off to long island. What a great hounor and testament to the guys hard work and skill set. 

It doesn't stop there, If the guys prove their worth again. They can be chosen to represent the state they play in, at the National level tournament in Florida.

We are extremely proud and excited to see where this will lead to for the guys. Good Luck this weekend!! We are behind you 1000%. Keep an ear out for the updates.