Giant Steps...Erie Community College Bound!!

by Colin Cummins

Peter Di Sabatino and Domenic Morea are off to Erie Community College to continue on with their baseball journey. Playing College baseball is what Peter Di Sabatino and Domenic Morea have been working towards for the last 2 years. Their hard work, dedication, attitude and their play culminated into a great showcase at Erie Community College. 

Both Peter and Domenic joined the Giants after being picked up at the Smith Brothers showcase in Barrie. Both guys have been great additions from the day they joined.  You deserve this day Fellas!! We are proud of you!

"It was a such a joy to watch their smiles, their excitement and just their complete exhilaration. When head coach Joe Bauth offered them their letter of intent to sign at ECC."

Head Coach Joe Bauth was impressed with both players. "Both Dom and Peter possess strong arms,  good footwork and excellent bat speed" exclaimed Coach Bauth