Garrett Styles Tournament: 10u and 11u Finalists

by Crash Davis

The Heat, baseball and more baseball!!

It was hotter than hot this past weekend and we had our 10u and 11u teams going into the final day. 

In the finals, it was our 10u Giants vs the Prospects from BP (Welland) and our 11u Giants vs the Giants from TriCity (Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo). 

All the teams were evenly matched with our Giants holding regular season wins over both opposing teams. And?? it came down to the wire with our guys losing their games. But what an accomplishment for our guys. Each team making the finals and even playing against each other in the prelims. 

Great Job fellas!! Very proud of both teams and deservedly so...

Special Thanks to Jon Carson for convening the tournament and making it possible.