All Stars no matter where they are...

by Colin Cummins

GAme Day Usa All Stars...

This past weekend, we had several of our players participate as All Star selections, in the GameDayUSA All Star weekend. 

What a fabulous experience!! Mac, Derian and Simon represented Team Navy, while Ben represented Team Gold in the Ann Arbour, Michigan event. Ricardo and Matt heading to Milwaukee and represented Team Red and Navy respecitively. 

Mac, Derian and Simon were champions of the Ann Arbour tournament with Ben coming in 2nd on the gold team. "What an amazing weekend and experience weekend" said Steve Lawrence. Our OGs and the Canadian contingent showed well no matter where they were. 

Congratulations Fellas...hoping this is the start of something special and lifetime memories to be shared. 

We are so proud of you!!

Next player to watch out for is Luke!